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A Few Accolades Along the Way…

Breckenridge Mountain Art Festivals: Poster Artist 2011, Feature Artist 2016
Carbondale Mountain Fair: Poster Contest winner/ Feature Artist 1999 and 2003
Castle Rock Fine Art Festival: Juror’s Choice Award 2010, Feature/Poster Artist 2019            
Moab Fine Art Festival: Feature Artist, 2008
Nederland Fine Art Festival: Best in Show/Poster Artist 2010, 2012
Park Hill Art Festival: Feature/Poster Artist 2016
Ridgway Fine Art Festival: Best in Show 2015, Best Fine Art 2016, Best Painting 2017
Strawberry Days Art Festival: Best in Show 2010, poster Artist 2018           
Painting purchased for Eagle County Libraries’ permanent collection
Mural/Town sign commissioned by the Town of New Castle, CO.

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